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Hey there!

Welcome to the Goblin Zone, with your host, me. 

If you’ve already explored this site, or know who I am in the Real World, then you’ll know that I’m Jay, and this is my little place to put things.

Blogging was something I tried to do many, many times as a teenager (livejournal, what a time) but it never really stuck. I think I was too afraid of putting myself out there, and that hasn’t really changed that much – I’m still terrified of most things – but the past year (Lockdown 2020) has left me with a lot of spare time and I need something to keep me busy. Somewhere I can put all the stuff that won’t fit into tweets, like a long post about the Star Wars prequels, or why YouTuber books even exist. 

That’s the kind of stuff you can expect from this site, alongside media reviews, links to work outside of this site, and things that I make. I imagine that after a year or so this site will be a huge mix of many interests, and that’s exciting. I hope you’re ready to go on this journey with me, but hey, don’t worry. If you stumble across this website and feel a deep sense of fear, or if you come here and think, Jay please STOP talking to me about TRASH, then that’s fine. I’m going to be shouting into the void, and I encourage you to do so too.

To expand on the previous point of content, here’s what you can expect from me:

  • Cursed media, from YouTuber books to horrible, horrible films
  • The sad femme as a genre
  • Ooky spooky horror media
  • Content you may or may not remember from childhood (like, nostalgia but bad)
  • e n e r g y

If you’re still around, cool! You can navigate to my social media pages through this site, and you should be able to access all the different categories of post using the tags on the main page, or via the ‘post archive’ dropdown on the top navigation bar. At the moment it’s mostly media focused, but this will change over time – I’ll definitely be uploading some recipe content, and some crafty stuff too.

Thanks for being here! Have a wonderful time.

Jay x

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  1. Alex says:

    Hi Jay! I’m having a wonderful time.

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