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Friends of Jay


Abi is a wonderful friend that started a booksta in early 2021! There, she shares the books she’s reading, journalling spreads, and general happiness! She is a lovely person that I am very grateful to know, and I can promise you her feed will give you the serotonin we all desperately need.

Alex Aldred

Alex Aldred is a writer and general word man based in Edinburgh (with me!) He’s been published across a number of journals, and his website above is a great place to check out the range of his work/keep up to date with the man. Follow him on Twitter for jokes, japes, and tidbits that reflect his poetic voice.

Alex George

Alex George has many, many, many talents, and you can witness some of them on his bandcamp. He’s made some banging music, and has recently put his paintings on said bandcamp for sale. He is an absolute force to be reckoned with.

Atticus Bookshop

Atticus is a not-for-profit bookshop based in my previous home of Lancaster, UK. Check out their website – they have recently started posting weekly book reviews on a Sunday, written by volunteers and friends of the shop.

Charlie Alcock

Charlie is perhaps the most indescribable individual I’ve ever encountered, and his writing has always reflected that. You can keep up to date with him via Instagram for now, but the day he creates a space for his writing will be a day we all remember. You have been warned.


Elliot has been a friend of Jay for a long, long time, and I’m so sorry. His feed is a mix of reading-related content, and exploring inside/outside spaces (like design and stuff!) He is also so far ahead on the 2021 Goodreads Reading Challenge, how, you have read so much, how.

gr8 writing tips

I said today that knowing the person behind ‘gr8 writing tips’ is a flex and you know what, it is. If you’re looking for writing tips (great) from your favourite sentient paperclip, this is the blog for you. If, like me, you spend more time on Twitter than Tumblr, well, hey! You can get tips there too – right here.


Melon is a printmaker and small business fruit based in Edinburgh. You can check out her website by following the above link, or her Etsy shop directly here (there are some gorgeous prints you would not believe!!) If looking at art on social media is more your thing, follow her on Instagram.

Oscar Stirling Payne

Oscar’s writing is so vivid and alive; it has always been a joy to be heard performed with an energy that is unique to Oscar. While open mics aren’t really possible right now, you can see some of his writing over on his blog. You can also stay tuned for presumably another cursed collaboration to follow our F.R.I.E.D.S project.